Six Tips for Shooting Outstanding Photos

September 29, 2014


Shooting good-looking photos has become so simple these days that it’s easy to ignore the factors that separate Facebook snapshots from really distinctive images. Precisely because digital photography and editing are so simple, making your own photos stand out—whether across social media, in publications or mounted on a wall—requires looking at more than the viewfinder […]

The Life Lessons in Canyons and Wind Turbines

July 31, 2014


I calculate I’ve visited 40 of the 50 states over decades of assignments across America, but I’m still encountering sights I’ve never anticipated.

Why I’m Waiting for My Home 3D Printer

July 5, 2014


I’m secretly waiting for the invention of the consumer desktop 3D printer to meet a very specific challenge

How Soon We Forget—But the Web Doesn’t

June 16, 2014


Here we are, now halfway through 2014, and I’ve totally forgotten my New Year’s resolutions, much less the vow I made just a month ago to lose 5 pounds (therefore, v. 2 of that vow is 8 pounds). Our memories are short, and often that fact can be a blessing. The Internet, however, never forgets. […]

The Technology Market Myth about Baby Boomers (Remember Them?)

April 14, 2014


If you think this older generation doesn’t understand today’s technology, Bing Baby Boomers.

It’s Time for Communicators to Talk More about the Weather

April 8, 2014


Weather terms have been inexcusably lacking among communications professionals. We’ve favored a more ghastly lexicon featuring such words as “hit,” “beat,” “jump,” “kill” and “widow.”

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How the Bad Old Days May Bring Crises to New Companies

April 4, 2014


When a company attempts to write a new scenario for redefining its brand, it needs to ensure it has cleaned up Act One.

Crises Go Digital

March 17, 2014


Will the way that companies use personal information obtained from emerging technologies escalate into a crisis for their brands?

Working in Ice-land

January 28, 2014


How are employees staying productive in the midst of polar vortices?