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Ten ways to use your presentation content after the presentation

November 23, 2009


Too often, presenters toss away their notes before they’ve reached their largest and best audiences.  Whenever you deliver a presentation, consider the immediate audience–the 10 or 50 or 300 people in the room with you–as only a beginning.  You can reach hundreds and thousands more if you apply public relations techniques to your speech content […]

Would you like green cheese with that bucket of water?

November 13, 2009


Once again, science reminds us that many of our assumptions are completely wrong, even when we think we have evidence to support us.  NASA reports that its LCROSS probe has discovered, not a little bit, but a significant amount of water on the moon.  It amounts to about 24 gallons in the 20-meter-wide crater and […]

How do you, yaknow, eliminate the yaknows, yaknow?

November 5, 2009


Nothing is more disappointing than hearing your baseball hero or off-screen movie star stumble through an interview peppered with more “yaknows,” “ums,” and “ahs,” than an eight-year-old caught preparing to drop a lizard on his unsuspecting classmate’s head.  More often than not, presenters who are responding to questions or speaking off the cuff  don’t even realize […]

Relying on Dad at 93

November 2, 2009


My dad turns 93 tomorrow and, while we’re 600 miles apart, we still rely on each other.  In our phone conversations, though often strained because of his hearing loss, Dad draws renewed confirmation that we remain a family, and I am able to renew a sense of family heritage in a way that talking with my […]