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11 simple misspelled words that spell check won’t catch

April 26, 2010


While spell check can save you from some embarrassing errors–like misspelling “misspell” or “embarrassing”–it also can encourage a reputation-damaging sense of infallibility.  Some spelling errors just won’t be highlighted for you, because what you’ve written is a properly spelled word–it’s just the wrong word or the wrong use of the word.  Frequently this issue arises with […]

Presenting from the Pit

April 23, 2010


  One of the most difficult situations for most presenters is discovering that they must deliver their remarks from “the pit.”  Typically, the pit is an auditorium-style university classroom with tiered seating for a few hundred eager faces with no stage, no dais and no lectern for the presenter — just floor space at the deep […]

Five tips for cleaning up grammar and punctuation

April 16, 2010


I spend a significant part of my day copyediting articles, news releases, speeches and other communications; and the day becomes frustrating when I see the same careless errors on three or four different documents. The AP Stylebook and I pretty much serve the function of faucet filters: we remove any impurities we can catch in […]

“Net Neutrality” Ruling Could Mean Now People Will Know You’re a Dog on the Internet

April 8, 2010


A federal appeals court ruling against the FCC’s ability to ensure equal access to all content on the Internet is an ominous stumbling block. In effect, the ruling opens the door for service providers, like cable companies and phone companies, to charge fees to those who want to use more bandwidth than the average geek, […]

Spring forward by getting real

April 5, 2010


Here in early April, the economy is showing it’s own signs of springing. Auto sales are springing forward, existing-home sale contracts are springing upward and everyone’s 401(k) is springing back to life a bit. By the time summer approaches, I suppose we’ll be saying Americans are in “some-are” mode–some are doing great, some are doing […]