10 Resolutions for Communications Self-Improvement in 2011

Posted on December 1, 2010


A month from now we will be earnestly affirming our commitments for the new year; and two months from now, many of us will be trying to remember what they were.  So I’m getting a head start today on the annual ritual by proclaiming my 10 resolutions for communications self-improvement in 2011, to give them some extra time to bore themselves into my cranial convolutions.

I solemnly swear to try to remember to:

1.       Continue to lead my clients—rather than only following conventional directions—in helping to improve the creativity, impact and timeliness of their communications.

2.       Advocate socialism by distilling all external communications into additional versions that are tweet-able, Like-able and Link-able.

3.       Complain more loudly to those who equate “compose” with “comprise” and who hook “media” to singular verbs.

4.       Be a good reporter before trying to be a good writer, interviewing and gathering facts to ensure my content is timely and incorporates all relevant viewpoints.

5.       Always question assumptions, whether from colleagues or clients, to ensure accuracy in communications.

6.       Help clients prepare for the new categories of communications crises they are likely to face in the new decade.

7.       Infuse my training programs with more interactivity, becoming more of a guide and less of a presenter.

8.       Give more charitably while demanding more creatively.

9.       Lose 15 pounds and gain 15 clients (The former inevitably follow the latter, I suppose.)

10.   Every day in every way, try to be 27 years old, at least in my analogies and cultural references, if not in my dance steps.