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A CEO and a comedian walk into a conference room…

March 23, 2011


Avoid turning phrases that rely on your tone of voice for their interpretation. My wife rarely appreciates my attempts to pun-tificate.  I throw out a line like, “What do you call candies made by a rap star on the Arabian Peninsula?  Eminem Yemeni M&Ms!” and I get “the look.”  It must be excruciating for her, as […]

Six Ways to Write an Engaging Feature Lead

March 9, 2011


Have mercy!  Or at the very least exert some common sense when you’re drafting feature articles, marketing materials and website content.  Nothing drives a reader to FarmVille faster than a piece of allegedly creative communication that leads off with buzzwords, trite phrases and/or reports that “a meeting was held.” The lead paragraph of an article […]

The Persuasion of Power

March 2, 2011


Can and should communicators play a role in attempting to define and deter delusional and destructive behavior on the part of clients, agencies and/or media figures? The tipping point rapidly has become the toppling point for a puzzling assortment of personalities on the world stage who have persuaded themselves that they are infallible simply because […]