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Presenting the Perfect Analogy: From “Film at 11” to Software-Defined Networking

September 14, 2012


Anyone with a smartphone today is likely to be so fluent with video that he rarely thinks about how news is captured for broadcast or streaming. It’s just “there.” But until the mid-1970s, local TV stations shot all their news stories on movie film. The teaser “Film at 11” became a cliché, and pre-Internet viewers actually […]

Reshaping the Present Perfect

September 7, 2012


This is my 100th post to Present Perfect.  Over the past three years I have sought to offer some practical tips for presenters along with perspectives on topical issues for communicators. In the spirit of moving forward, now may be an appropriate time to look backward for such perspectives and re-map the direction of Present […]

An Election-Season Platform for Communicators

September 4, 2012


As candidates sprint from the traditional Labor Day starting line and push off from their national nominating conventions, another election race breaks into a full sweat with the usual overheated rhetoric and unremitting puffery. Despite the racket of all those feet (and mouths) flapping across the landscape, this season is a good time for each […]