Reshaping the Present Perfect

Posted on September 7, 2012


This is my 100th post to Present Perfect.  Over the past three years I have sought to offer some practical tips for presenters along with perspectives on topical issues for communicators. In the spirit of moving forward, now may be an appropriate time to look backward for such perspectives and re-map the direction of Present Perfect.

In recent years, the importance of understanding the past to anticipate the future has become increasingly apparent to me. I’ve suggested the value to communicators of recognizing past happenings, personalities and popular culture in three recent Present Perfect posts:

My own plan for the future of this blog is to help communicators unearth some of the valuable nuggets of the past and examine how they have impacted the trends, talk and technology of today and tomorrow (perhaps with less alliteration).We’ll look at the factors that have helped make the present perfect—or imperfect, depending on the subject matter—and that will guide us in our projections of future patterns in the world of communication.

Topics will range from movies, music and television to computers, books and influential eras of the past century. This effort will be fun and interesting, if nothing else, but with a little good fortune it will also be enlightening and useful.

I look forward to the first step down our new path soon and to your feedback on stops you would like us to make along the way.