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Five Ways to Use Mobile in Your Presentation

March 27, 2013


One example of how extensively mobile devices have changed long-held conventions of communications is that presenters who once were disturbed by audience members texting on their phones now are worried if they don’t. Savvy executives are happiest when thumbs are tapping on smartphones during a presentation, because active keypads indicate people are presumably tweeting, updating, […]

How to Keep Your Audience Awake

June 7, 2012


It’s 4 p.m. on a mid-July afternoon, and yours is the last presentation of the day. Arrayed in front of you are 215 conference attendees, drowsy from the heat, the droning speakers and a late lunch. Your first assignment, should you accept it: keep them awake, which may seem to be an impossible mission. If […]

10 Tips for More Effective Email Communications

May 4, 2012


Emails expose the real “you.” In an organizational setting, the communications you send to prospects, clients and partners usually pass through some kind of quality check—an editor, an administrative assistant or the guy in the next cube. But for the most part, we’re on our own with emails. We exchange email message with all our […]

Six Potentially Fatal Errors During News Interviews

March 13, 2012


For business owners, few activities can match the stress levels prompted by the prospect of being interviewed by a journalist. Often, the anxiety develops for the same reason that some people become apprehensive as a passenger in an airliner—they feel they have no control over the direction of the event nor any way of ensuring […]

Five Tips for Presenting on the Small Screen

November 1, 2011


For most of the past century, technology focused on making presentations ever larger.  TV screens evolved from being measured in inches to being measured in feet. Stage shows transformed from intimate communication across the footlights to massive Las Vegas-style arena extravaganzas. And even audio presentation graduated from monaural to stereo to quadraphonic to 3D to Dolby […]

How to Lift Your Elevator Speech

September 20, 2011


Despite blaming the economy for slowdowns, it’s clear that these days we’re all busy—all the time. We don’t have many minutes left for meetings, even less for full-scale presentations. As a result, our ability to introduce our services and products to others relies more than ever on the elevator speech (a phrase that seems oddly […]

Seven Ways to Improve Your Interview Results

August 24, 2011


Interviews may be the most nerve-racking type of presentation that business people of all ranks and sectors must endure. Unlike appearing before a large group, if the going gets tough during an interview, we can’t turn to another section of the audience to find a friendlier face.  The close eye contact between questioner and interview […]