How the Bad Old Days May Bring Crises to New Companies

April 4, 2014


When a company attempts to write a new scenario for redefining its brand, it needs to ensure it has cleaned up Act One.

Crises Go Digital

March 17, 2014


Will the way that companies use personal information obtained from emerging technologies escalate into a crisis for their brands?

Working in Ice-land

January 28, 2014


How are employees staying productive in the midst of polar vortices?

Thankfulness Is Not Enough

December 28, 2013


During the recent holiday season, Facebook fans have enumerated the many events and relationships in their lives for which they are thankful, from family and friends to new jobs and homes. Now that Thanksgiving has passed, however, have we satisfied our gratitude quota for the next 12 months? Do we just get on with our […]

When Texting Is Up in the Air

December 2, 2013


With new airline rules, don’t be surprised if good old texting resumes its place as the hottest capability in the mobile repertoire.

The Simchat Torah Season for U.S. Auto Shows

November 11, 2013


To me, this time of year in the U.S. auto industry has always (strangely) seemed to resemble Simchat Torah, the joyous Jewish holiday that marks the completion of the annual cycle of readings from the Torah. In synagogues and temples, two scrolls are removed from the ark, one rolled to the end of Deuteronomy and […]

For Want of a Low-Voltage Switch, America Was Saved

October 2, 2013


If you really want to be scared out of your cubicle this Halloween season, read The Guardian’s recent report on America’s fortuitous escape from nuclear cataclysm during the peak of the Cold War. The paper provides details from a now-declassified document revealing that the crash of an Air Force bomber over North Carolina in January, […]