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How Soon We Forget—But the Web Doesn’t

June 16, 2014


Here we are, now halfway through 2014, and I’ve totally forgotten my New Year’s resolutions, much less the vow I made just a month ago to lose 5 pounds (therefore, v. 2 of that vow is 8 pounds). Our memories are short, and often that fact can be a blessing. The Internet, however, never forgets. […]

Are Innovators Giving Way to Innovations?

July 6, 2011


Watching the live announcement of Facebook’s partnership with Skype to offer video chat on the social network was more like looking down on Mission Control than observing a news conference. Dozens of reporters were seated keyboard-to-mouse at long tables, taking digital notes.  While common in Silicon Valley, it’s a somewhat jarring sight for those accustomed […]

Six New Terms to Replace Banished Phrases

January 4, 2011


Michigan’s Lake Superior State University annually provides the nation’s communicators with a New Year’s gift: its list of currently overused, abused and just plain annoying words and phrases that should be banished from our content and conversations.  The school’s 2011 scratch-off list includes: Viral Epic Fail Wow Factor A-Ha Moment Back Story BFF Man Up […]

What are we communicators doing right?

August 18, 2010


I’ve come across a depressing number of posts, blogs and e-newsletter articles lately on what we communicators are doing wrong.  What we’re doing wrong with social media.  What we’re doing wrong in the way we label website links.  And I have only myself to blame for writing here about all the things that have gone […]

Packing Your Online Emergency Kit

March 1, 2010


The world has sustained more than its fair share of shocks in this still-young year. Horrible earthquakes in Haiti and Chile A swelling reversal of fortune and image for Toyota and Tiger More scandals for John Edwards and John Mayer Distraught and endangered senators and congressmen running for the hills instead of the Hill A […]

Have social media gone too far—or not far enough?

February 17, 2010


Google may have gone one—or two or three—steps too far with its new Buzz social media network, automatically exposing the e-mail contacts of unwitting Google users to others and failing to ask users if they wanted to opt in for the service. Facebook seems to change its design and layout every month or so now, […]