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It’s Time for Communicators to Talk More about the Weather

April 8, 2014


Weather terms have been inexcusably lacking among communications professionals. We’ve favored a more ghastly lexicon featuring such words as “hit,” “beat,” “jump,” “kill” and “widow.”

For Want of a Low-Voltage Switch, America Was Saved

October 2, 2013


If you really want to be scared out of your cubicle this Halloween season, read The Guardian’s recent report on America’s fortuitous escape from nuclear cataclysm during the peak of the Cold War. The paper provides details from a now-declassified document revealing that the crash of an Air Force bomber over North Carolina in January, […]

Six AP Style Mandates That Seem Wrong–but (Apparently) Aren’t

May 25, 2010


Despite mentally dredging up as many lessons from senior English as possible, I still can’t come to grips with some of the style points that the AP Stylebook—the editor’s bible—says are correct. For what it’s worth, here are six commandments from the stylebook that may seem wrong or senseless—but they’re right: • To form the possessive […]

Five tips for cleaning up grammar and punctuation

April 16, 2010


I spend a significant part of my day copyediting articles, news releases, speeches and other communications; and the day becomes frustrating when I see the same careless errors on three or four different documents. The AP Stylebook and I pretty much serve the function of faucet filters: we remove any impurities we can catch in […]