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How Soon We Forget—But the Web Doesn’t

June 16, 2014


Here we are, now halfway through 2014, and I’ve totally forgotten my New Year’s resolutions, much less the vow I made just a month ago to lose 5 pounds (therefore, v. 2 of that vow is 8 pounds). Our memories are short, and often that fact can be a blessing. The Internet, however, never forgets. […]

Five Ways to Use Mobile in Your Presentation

March 27, 2013


One example of how extensively mobile devices have changed long-held conventions of communications is that presenters who once were disturbed by audience members texting on their phones now are worried if they don’t. Savvy executives are happiest when thumbs are tapping on smartphones during a presentation, because active keypads indicate people are presumably tweeting, updating, […]

Six Resolutions for the Rest of 2011

June 14, 2011


In a few days, 2011 will be half over; and, just as I predicted would happen when I made them six months ago, I’ve completely forgotten my New Year’s resolutions.  So in the spirit of refreshing content, I’ve decided to update my resolutions profile with six new commitments for the rest of 2011, pledges that […]

The 10 Best Tweets of 2011

November 2, 2010


 In eight weeks we’ll be celebrating another New Year’s—what the heck happened to 2010?  As time flies faster, our communications seem to become more mobile and more compact; so in 2011, watch for SMS and Twitter to be adopted as primary news media by an even greater proportion of Americans.  And if we don’t […]

Incorporating social media into your presentation

February 4, 2010


Social media have changed presentations in a fundamental way.  Now audience members are tweeting with each other during the presentation, as well as sending running accounts out to the twittersphere in real time.  Rather than fight this trend, presenters should use it. Ideally, we should be incorporating the audience’s use of social media into the presentation.  […]

Get off the stage and tweet

December 29, 2009


The new year is a fine time to resolve to advance your presentation skills.  If you’ve been presenting to groups for decades, take the time to listen to what your audiences are telling you this month and in the months ahead.  They’re not your father’s seat warmers. Chance are that, whether you are presenting to […]